Mi360 Social Media Management Tool

There’s Something New in Social Media – 11-12-13

Today is 11/12/13
It’s a special day because:
Mi360 is Ready for YOU!

Today we’re proud to announce that our digital marketing technology partner, Massive Impressions, is releasing to the public our secret weapon – Mi360.

We’ve been using this proprietary content marketing & social media management tool for over a year with our clients and all we can say is WOW it’s a marketer’s dream.

In support of our partner, we’re ready to let marketers like you take advantage of it too.

Up to now we’ve been using our secret weapon exclusively in-house. We’ve improved and refined it for years.

Now it’s ready for you to use.

Social Media & SEO Success

Social Media & Search Engine Optimization Go Hand in Hand

It’s time to get your heads out of the sand and face facts.  Social Media is no man’s island.  Simply re-posting third party content to make your company look smart, or making statements with no inbound links to your website just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Content must be engaging, grow audiences organically, start conversations AND link back to your website.