Four Trends To Watch In Healthcare Recruiting

By Liza Palermo
As published in Beckers Hospital Review

Healthcare Talent Shortage Persists

The looming shortage of healthcare talent continues to plague hospitals, health systems and medical groups, as the labor market grows ever tighter. While unemployment for healthcare workers is near a 10-year low, the sector added 31,000 in the month of December 2017. The trend is expected to continue, with healthcare adding about 2.3 million new jobs from 2016 to 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This makes healthcare the fastest growing occupation in the country, but without enough skilled people entering the workforce to fill the gap.

Why a Strong Employer Brand Matters
In an effort to more effectively compete in a fierce labor market, many healthcare organizations have turned their attention to strengthening their employer brand, and for good reason. Research shows organizations with strong employer brands attract twice the number of applicants per job compared to other companies, reports LinkedIn. They are also 40% less likely to lose new hires after the first six months, and they enjoy a 43% decrease in cost per hire.
To date, however, most employer branding efforts have focused inward to improve organizational culture and employee engagement. What most healthcare employers have yet to master is how to harness these efforts externally – leveraging employees and recruiters as ambassadors to build their employer brand among passive and active job candidates.

Getting Ahead with ‘Precision Recruiting’
Forward-thinking healthcare organizations are targeting employer branding strategies specifically on passive and active job seekers — going beyond broad-sweeping employee videos and corporate career websites to customize communications at the recruitment level, based on unique talent profiles. We call this “Precision Recruiting,” which requires content that is relevant, credible and most important, specific to each candidate audience.

As a result, four employer branding trends to watch each support healthcare organizations’ ability to become more precise in their recruiting efforts, in other words more targeted, accurate and engaging.

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What Will Marketing Look Like In The Next 100 years?


My daughter keeps talking about what she is going to be doing when she gets older.  What she is gong to do when she can drive, when she goes to college, when she gets married.   I know to her  that feels like a hundred years away—but as we all know “growing” up comes here before you know it.

So the other day, I asked myself what will “marketing” be like when it grows up. Kind of a crazy to think about isn’t it?

I remember, like it was yesterday– being asked to create the first website for a company so it could be  the industry leader in having a the first website— and now everyone, even your kids dog walking company has one. It was just in 2009 when we created The Temp Life, a web based TV integrated with all social channels —that was deemed by Fast Company as a   “bona fide phenomenon”  And, as  One of Brand Weeks bright ideas.

Let’s face it now WebTV  and You Tube  are just part of a marketing mix option.  And, having social media pages, well who doesn’t?

In the immediate future, viral sharing, workforce marketing, new social channels ,use of big data and mobilization are now top of  mind.  And, each and every marketer is trying to figure out how to make them work for their target audience.

We all know what is cool today– will be ho-hum tomorrow.

Really if you think about it–it was only about a 100-125  years ago that the printing press, motion pictures and the phonograph were invented. And now in someways they are dinasoaurs. .

So, where will technology take us over the next 100 years?

Will marketing become like a science fiction movie—reading customers thoughts telegraphically.  It already feels like that the way facebook seems to know I have a new puppy so I see dog food ads.   Big data in someways is the marketers dream. But how far is too far, and when will it start to turn off our clients and customers.How will we communicate in the future. Will we even use words? Will the other senses be included more in our everyday marketing communication? Tasting something via our electronic devices, having a virtual experience such as driving a new car happen in our livingroom– with feel, sight,smell a part of the experience. I really love to think about it.


So what do you think Marketing will look like in the next 100 years? And at the rate technology is changing, I think we will start to see some really cool stuff in our lifetime!


Social Media & SEO Success

Social Media & Search Engine Optimization Go Hand in Hand

It’s time to get your heads out of the sand and face facts.  Social Media is no man’s island.  Simply re-posting third party content to make your company look smart, or making statements with no inbound links to your website just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Content must be engaging, grow audiences organically, start conversations AND link back to your website.